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RETS Magazine nº20

Dear readers,

According to the Work Plan of RETS, approved by its members at the meeting in November of 2013, we would publish two special editions of the magazine (September and December) with experience reports in the area of training technical workers in health.

The idea of the initiative was to disclosure in a journalistic format, the largest number of possible experiences in all areas and levels of training, from those targeting the auxiliary health workers and those related to the middle level technicians or higher level and technologists.

We summoned on schedule, fulfilling the responsibility assumed in front of the other members, but unfortunately, we received fewer reports than we expected. Fewer Network member institutions took part and because of that, we decided to distribute the works received and approved by all the editions published later this year and into 2105. Our expectation is when seeing some reports published, other authors be interested in sharing their experiences in order to broaden the debate on the many issues relating to the training of these workers, although they perform an important role in national health systems, they not always have their importance recognized. Join! Send in your work! Take the opportunity!

For this issue we have selected two experiments performed in Brazil: one in the area of mental health and the other in the area of maternal and newborn health. In addition, the magazine features an article about the discussions the elaboration by WHO of a HRH strategy that complies with the new set of global development goals for the period 2016-2030, the so-called Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) replacing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). A series of articles on the curriculum in training technicians in health, started on RETS 16 Magazine reaches the end with a brief discussion of the curricular policies. Also included a text about the process of professionalization of Community Health Workers in Brazil and its role in the implementation of primary health care model in the country.

Have a good reading!

RETS Executive Secretariat


  • 2014