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Updated: 01/30/2014
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In the RETS Library you can find books, texts, videos, presentations and other materials that can contribute to the improvement of the education of the technical health workers.

You can also share the results of your work or your researches or help us to enhance our collection, indicating materials that may be disclosed by us. Use and abuse of this section and send us your comments or suggestions so we can improve our initiative.


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  • 06/10/2021 - In some countries not even 1% of the population has been vaccinated. In other countries, the figure is only 3%. Carissa Etienne calls for “urgently” ramped up access to vaccines and urges countries to contribute doses or financial resources.
  • 06/07/2021 - The United Nations General Assembly has declared the years 2021 through 2030 the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. Led by the United Nations Environment Programme and the Food and Agriculture Organization, the UN Decade is designed to prevent, halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystems worldwide. This global call to action will draw together political support, scientific research and financial muscle to massively scale up restoration with the goal of reviving millions of hectares of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

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