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Published in: 02/02/2016

Available on the Internet the video of the 2nd ETS Virtual Seminar: Health surveillance and primary care: territory and local practice

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The International Network of Health Technicians Education (RETS) has promoted its 2nd  Virtual Seminar on “Health surveillance and primary care: territory and local practice”,  on July 9 2015.

The event was presented by teacher-researcher Grácia Gondim and took place in the Joaquim Venâncio  Polytechnic Health School (EPSJV/Fiocruz) auditorium. It was broadcasted online ( in Portuguese and Spanish. The event targets researchers, students and professionals in the field of health sciences.

Grácia Gondim has a doctorate in Public Health from the National School of Public Health (ENSP/FIOCRUZ - 2011) and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Sanitation from ENSP/FIOCRUZ (1996). She is also a specialist in Sanitary Engineering (ENSP/FIOCRUZ, 1993), Public Health (ENSP/FIOCRUZ and NESC/UFRN, 1991) and Health System Architecture (MS/UnB, 1986), as well as an Architecture and Urbanism graduate from Santa Úrsula University (1982) and professor and researcher in Public Health at the Joaquim Venâncio Health Polytechnic School (EPSJV/Fiocruz). She is experienced in Public Health and Collective Health, with emphasis in Health Surveillance – health and environment. She works on the following topics: territory, space and health; health surveillance, health monitoring, environmental health surveillance; health territorialization; territorialized education; health policy, planning and programming.

Given the Work Plan of RETS (2014 -2017), RETS-UNASUR (2014-2015) and RETS-CPLP (2014-2017), a series of seminars seeks to increase the participation of health technical education institutions through the use of new technologies in debates on priority issues by ensuring greater coordination and cooperation among Networks members, in order to stir the development of research that may influence the professional education and formulation of national public policies.

Click to watch the vídeo (in portuguese):

Reference teaching material (In Portuguese):