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Published in: 01/21/2015

ECLAC Officer presents conference at ISAGS

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The course Intersectoral Public Policies and Social Determination of Health, the first one offered by the Institute, will hold its in-person stage from January 26 to 30. As a part of the program, the Institute receives the Social Affairs Officer at the Social Development Division of ECLAC, Ana Sojo, for the online conference “Social determination of health in Latin America”. The lecture will be broadcasted on Tuesday, 27, at 4pm (GTM-3) at the link in Spanish, with simultaneous translation to English.

Sojo will address the interaction between the sources of well-being and public policies, talking about the grades of universality, equity, solidarity and efficiency: “By no means those values are given or guaranteed by the juridical character of the property of the entities in charge. They are determined by the existing rules of the game in the ambit of the functions of the State and of the public private combinations; that is, by the principles that articulate and regulate those combinations”, she concluded. After the conference, Ana Sojo will take part in a debate with the participants. Those who are interested can send their questions by e-mail (, Twitter (@isagsunasur) or Facebook (/isags.unasursalud).

About the lecturer

Ana Sojo is researcher and assessor for social protection, social cohesion, and care and anti- poverty policies for the Social Determination of Health at the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), where she has been working since 1989. She is the author and co-author of many books and specialized articles and contributor to many ECLAC institutional publications; recently, she has coordinated and co-written the Social Panorama of Latin America 2012 and 2013. She is PhD in Social and Economic Sciences and Master in Sociology by the Freie Universitaet Berlín.