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Published in: 09/28/2016

New HIFA thematic discussion: Health Partnerships

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The Healthcare Information for ALL (HIFA) introduced a new thematic discussion on Monday 19th September. Sponsored by THET, a UK-based HIFA Supporting Organization, the discussion will continue through to 21 October 2016 and the volunteers can join the discussion in HIFA's network.

Over the coming weeks, the discussion shall address and explore the concept, challenges, planning, achievement and the impact of partnerships. According to HIFA's Coordinator Neil Pakenham-Walsh, for the first week, the discussion shall look especially at meaning of health partnerships, but everybody must contribute thoughts and experience on any or all questions any time.

The discussion will explore the following questions:

  • What do we mean by 'health partnerships'?
  • What works well in your partnership and what is a challenge?
  • What evidence do you use to guide the planning and implementation of your partnership?
  • How do you measure the impact of your partnership?

Health partnerships can take many forms, but for the purpose of this discussion will focus on a specific type of health partnership, as defined and supported by THET: A health partnership is an on-going collaboration between health institutions in high income countries and those in low and middle income countries. By utilizing the skills of volunteer health professionals, a partnerships primary aim is to share knowledge and information to train health workers and improve health services. They work to improve healthcare in a broad range of health areas by responding to needs identified by the developing country partner.

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