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Published in: 09/23/2014

Traineeship grants to facilitate mobility within the Institut Pasteur International Network (RIIP)

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The Institut Pasteur International Division finances traineeship grants to promote and facilitate mobility among scientists (students, researchers and tenured technicians) in any of the Institut Pasteur International Network’s laboratories. The aim of the traineeship is to increase the trainee’s skills and strengthen the capabilities of the candidate’s institute.

Any subject covered by RIIP institute laboratories: research into infectious diseases (infectious physiopathology, immunology, microbiology, epidemiology, virology, parasitology) and public health activities (diagnosis, monitoring, resistance, etc.). It must be consistent with the candidate’s research area.

A selection committee decides how to allocate traineeship grants depending on the project’s relevance, the objectives of the internship and research programmes of the candidate’s institute.

The candidate may be a student (currently studying for a 5-year post-graduate degree or a doctorate in medicine, the sciences (veterinary or other), and/or pharm) and/or a technician/engineer and/or tenured researcher. 

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