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Published in: 11/04/2019

WHO Library relaunches the new Global Index Medicus portal

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Rafaela de Oliveira

The World Health Organization (WHO) relaunched, on November 1, 2019, the Global Index Medicus portal. GIM gives access to world literature on biomedicine and public health produced by (and in the context of) low-middle income countries. The main goal is to increase the visibility and use of this important feature set.

The portal will increase visibility and usage of a set of resources that are a crucial addition to the international body of scientific knowledge. Go ahead and discover the platform’s powerful search engine and multilingual interface that enables retrieval of bibliographical and full-text information.

These resources will help you broaden the coverage of biomedical evidence for the elaboration of systematic reviews and guidelines. The GIM content is collated and aggregated daily by the WHO Global Library Group and complements other resources provided by the Department of Quality Assurance for Norms and Standards such as the WHO Institutional Repository and Research4Life partnership.

Regional Indexes Medici

The contents of the Global Index Medicus (GIM) come from the Regional Indexes Medici, coordinated by each WHO Regional Office:

  • African Index Medicus – AIM (AFRO)

HIFA profile: Pascal Mouhouelo is Head Librarian at WHO/AFRO. He is also a trainer for biomedical researchers using the HINARI Access to Research in Health Programme, which offers free or very low cost online access to the major journals in biomedical not-for-profit institutions in developing countries. He is also Coordinator of the African Index Medicus and the lead author of a PLOS Medicine 2006 article "Where There Is No Internet: Delivering Health Information via the Blue Trunk Libraries." which describes a practical way to address the local absence of internet and contemporary medical textbooks in many African health care settings. Pascal is a member of the HIFA working bgroup on Library and Information Services and is also a HIFA Country representative.

  • Scientific and Technical Literature of Latin America and the Caribbean LILACS (AMRO-PAHO, by its specialized center BIREME)
  • Index Medicus for Eastern Mediterranean Region – IMEMR (EMRO)
  • Index Medicus for South-East Asia Region – IMSEAR (SEARO)
  • Western Pacific Region Index Medicus – WPRIM (WPRO)

With interface translated into seven languages, including english, this portal offers integrated search to these five regional. Use the tag #globalindexmedicus on social networks.