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  • 04/26/2023 - World Health Organization is launching the Health Inequality Data Repository, the most comprehensive global collection of publicly available disaggregated data and evidence on population health and its determinants. The repository allows for tracking health inequalities across population groups and over time, by breaking down data according to group characteristics, ranging from education level to ethnicity.
  • 04/19/2023 - An arrangement signed between the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe (WHO/Europe) and the United States Department for Health and Human Services (HHS) seeks to improve transatlantic collaboration to strengthen global health systems and attain health equity in a post-pandemic context.
  • 04/06/2023 - This 75th anniversary year of WHO is an opportunity to look back on the public health successes that have improved the quality of life over the past seven decades. It is also an opportunity to motivate action to address the health challenges of today and tomorrow. The Director-General urges governments and leaders to take action and invest to protect the health and care workers who are at the forefront of responding to health and climate emergencies.
  • 03/20/2023 - Joaquim Venâncio Polytechnic School of Health (EPSJV/Fiocruz) promoted, on March 10, the 1st International Seminar on "Information and Health Records in the Work of Community Health Workers (CHWs)". To constitute a space for exchanging and sharing experiences and knowledge about the role of these professionals, the event brought reflections on the performance of these workers in different Latin American countries. The meeting was broadcast live in Portuguese and Spanish on VideoSaúde's Youtube channel.
  • 03/15/2023 - Essential workers who kept families, societies, and economies running while the world was in lockdown due to Covid-19 need better wages and conditions urgently if countries are to prepare for the future in the next global crisis.
  • 03/07/2023 - New Inter-Parliamentary Union report highlights that last year's progress on women's participation is the lowest in six years; violence against women slows progress; among advances, Brazil recorded record number of black female candidates in last election.
  • 02/15/2023 - The formula milk industry’s marketing tactics are exploitative and urgent clampdowns are needed to tackle misleading claims and political interference, according to a new three-paper series published in The Lancet. Industry influence – which includes lobbying against vital breastfeeding support measures - seriously jeopardizes the health and rights of women and children, the papers show.
  • 02/14/2023 - The pandemic is no longer an emergency for most countries. America has been one of the hardest hit regions and despite being home to only 8% of the world's population, it had 28.5% of the positive cases and 42.6% of the total global mortality.
  • 01/30/2023 - The WHO Director-General has the pleasure of transmitting the Report of the fourteenth meeting of the International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR) Emergency Committee regarding the coronavirus 2019 disease (COVID-19) pandemic, held on Friday 27 January 2023, from 14:00 to 17:00 CET.
  • 01/24/2023 - "One of the most important lessons from the response to the COVID-19 pandemic is that innovative  health interventions can be delivered fast if they are prioritized politically and financed adequately”, said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. “The challenges presented by TB and COVID-19 are different, but the ingredients that accelerate science, research and innovation are the same: urgent, up-front public investment; support from philanthropy; and engagement of the private sector and communities. We believe the TB field will benefit from similar high-level coordination.”