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RETS Magazine nº13

In December 2009, the 2nd General Meeting of RETS was held in Rio de Janeiro after its reactivation in 2005. During the meeting, more than 50 representatives from institutions members of the Network developed a Work Plan and a Communication Plan for 2010-2012 and two sub-networks – RETS-CPLP and RETS-UNASUR – were established. The Joaquim Venâncio Health Polytechnic School (EPSJV/FIOCRUZ), chosen by the participants of the meeting as the Network’s Executive Secretariat for three more years, resumed the commitment to keep the network active and fight for its strengthening.

Since then, two years have passed. It is time to stop and assess what has been done and, if necessary, to redesign paths in order to meet commitments made, as well as to prepare new proposals to be discussed at the next general meeting of the Network, which will be held in 2013. This was the main reason that inspired the development of this issue of the RETS. But that is not all.

The magazine also aims to give a brief resume of the history of this initiative, which somehow begins in 1995, when the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) turns its attention to the training of health technicians and through a comprehensive study, ends up bringing to light a rather problematic scenario. Certainly much has changed since then, but it is always good to remember that there are still many issues to be discussed and problems to be solved. Worldwide, there is still much to do to give visibility to the technical health workers to improve their training and working conditions so that they can contribute more effectively to National Health Systems meeting all the people’s needs.

 Memories are also justified by the need to give new members of the Network some important references about it and the need to strengthen the participation of older members and give permanence to the project which has managed to drive several successful experiences in spite of so many difficulties.

As for sub-networks, after two years of work, we also believe that it is time to show what has been done and make changes that allow networks to meet more effectively the important role they have been delegated with by the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP) and the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR).

Finally, and in a complementary way, this issue of the magazine also records an important change in the Executive Secretariat of the RETS, which operates under the Coordination of International Cooperation of the EPSJV/FIOCRUZ. After seven years at the forefront, accumulating the coordination of the sector and the Executive Secretariat, Anamaria Corbo transfers her position of Head of the Coordination to Grácia Maria de Miranda Gondim. Her duties in the Executive Secretariat of RETS will be performed by Ana Beatriz de Noronha, who was already responsible for the communication sector of the Network.

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